Hello world!

Hello World! Okay, I have to admit my first blog post is off to a pretty slow start. Maybe it is just because the weather here is oh so beautiful right now, but it is a little difficult to focus on such things as bank stress tests or the possibility of a Greek default – or even the Republicans latest attempt to sabotage the struggling economic recovery – even though we probably can’t afford to take our eyes off of such things even for a minute.  Hey, mainstream media (MSM) has finally decided to shine a light on some of the shenanigans of the ever-so-corrupt Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas though, so maybe there is some hope.  For the moment I think I will just jump into the bay window for some good, old-fashioned window-sill sunbathing.

Oh, but before I forget here are some other interesting links that I probably should be blogging about:


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