Egberto Willies hits the nail on the head:

There is only one reason the Debt Crisis could present a problem. That would be if the media allows it to. The United States of America borrowed money. Folks loaned the money based on the good faith and credit of the United States of America. As a responsible country, we do not have the option but to pay our bills.

The media has enabled the lunatics on the Right into the mainstream of political thinking, mostly for theater and ratings. That is what one gets when the press and news is nothing but a profit center. The same titans of finance that now own our media, our press, and our sources of news distribution may now be panicking. After all, what the Right Wing is intending to do to the country will materially affect the bottom line of the corporations that own these media outlets.

Since the GOP obviously could care less about voters or the economy, let’s at least see how they react when big corporations start screaming about all their debt-ceiling hostage-taking BS!

Debt Hostage Takers Are Delusional: Will The Media Stop Enabling Them?


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