Americans need to hear more stories like this that are not being reported by the press!

America The NOT SO Beautiful

December 21, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

I just received the best Christmas present ever! On January 1st I will be covered under the ACA also known by the name right wingers gave it and the rest of us have run with, Obamacare. There has been so much negative press, most of it bullshit right wing media spin over the ACA. The Federal website has had some issues because so many people need health insurance that it crashed in early October and has been a bit slow at times. Of course this is the only angle that has been talked about because all of those multi-millionaire broadcasters don’t need it so they can revel in the political game of making Obama look bad. 

The real thing to talk about is the program itself and how it will help at least 50 million Americans finally get affordable or free health care. Nobody…

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