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America The NOT SO Beautiful

March 12, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

obamacareForget the results in FL-13. It’s just too idiotic to even begin to lend any credibility to the fact that since a Republican won in a heavily Republican district where no Democrat has won that Congressional seat in 58 years, this proves that the country is against Obamacare and that Democrats are in trouble in 2014 AND 2016. It’s just too moronic. Jolly, the Republican, won by a little over 3,000 votes and one percentage point. So people like the moronic Chuck Todd should just STFU.

What is concerning is how Democrats around the country, except for those in staunch Progressive areas, are absolute sans balls when it comes to backing up their President and the greatest improvement to the health care system in the history of our nation. Republicans like David Jolly have no problem with running ads saying that they will “repeal…

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