The Most Troubling Statements From Bob McCulloch’s Ferguson Press Conference On Darren Wilson (LIST)

Troubling indeed!

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Today marks continued moments of unrest, frustration, and disappointment for the family of Michael Brownand their supporters who learned last night that Darren Wilson wouldn’t be charged in the teen’s murder.

St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, delivered the news on a heavy silver platter to the press and the millions of people watching via cellphones, laptops, and television sets. While some praised McCulloch for his detailed announcement, it’s hard not to notice the constant underlying shade towards the media and the witnesses whose testimonies didn’t perfectly line up with the scientific evidence presented to the jury.

During his announcement before the people, McCulloch managed to play the blame game and make a mockery of the witnesses who came forward to discuss how they watched a murder unfold before their very eyes. McCulloch was able to explain why verbal testimonies didn’t matter much…

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