Liberal News and Blogs Links

Some well-known ones and some not-so-well known ones, but all giving voice to today’s progressives and liberals (not an exhaustive list/work-in-progress):

Liberal News Sites

Liberal Blogs

Liberal Television, Radio and Podcasts

Link for your right-wing uncle (or other relative:)

A collection of links from the liberal perspective to email, tweet, etc to that right-wing uncle or other far-right person in your life when you just had enough of their distorted view of the world.

  • UMass Econ Professor Richard Wolff’s Capitalism Hits the Fan on Fora-tv: How stagnating wages starting in the 1970s led skyrocketing profits for large corporations but mountains of debt for ordinary working Americans, leading to the current financial crisis. You can also purchase the full DVD here.
  • graph by economist Robert Reich that shows the same thing.
  • Is a flat tax “fair”? Only if you’re a Republican.

If you know of links that should be added, please let me know!


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