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America The NOT SO Beautiful

March 12, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

obamacareForget the results in FL-13. It’s just too idiotic to even begin to lend any credibility to the fact that since a Republican won in a heavily Republican district where no Democrat has won that Congressional seat in 58 years, this proves that the country is against Obamacare and that Democrats are in trouble in 2014 AND 2016. It’s just too moronic. Jolly, the Republican, won by a little over 3,000 votes and one percentage point. So people like the moronic Chuck Todd should just STFU.

What is concerning is how Democrats around the country, except for those in staunch Progressive areas, are absolute sans balls when it comes to backing up their President and the greatest improvement to the health care system in the history of our nation. Republicans like David Jolly have no problem with running ads saying that they will “repeal…

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The Guardian Now Shares “Values” With Unilever

What isn’t for sale in these days?

The Dish

Much of the media isn’t covering the grotesque transformation of journalism into corporate public relations – well, they’re all in on it, aren’t they? – but the latest example is really rich. The Guardian – that lefty, anti-corporate, “comment-is-free” trans-Atlantic behemoth – is now merging with Unilever to produce “content”. What does that mean exactly? Well, follow the newspeak:

Guardian News and Media has signed a seven-figure deal to provide content about sustainability under the brand of household goods giant Unilever. It is the first deal for the new Guardian Labs division – which describes itself as a “branded content and innovation agency which offers brands bold and compelling new ways to tell their stories and engage with influential Guardian audiences”.

Guardian Labs employ some 133 staff including designers, video producers, writers and strategists who will work with The Guardian’s editorial, marketing and digital development teams.

A “content and innovation”…

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Obama Should Look to Roosevelt in Fight Against Inequality, Right Wing

Remembering Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Second Bill of Rights by Harvey J. Kaye

This post originally appeared at The National Memo.

Seventy years ago, on January 11, 1944, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his 11th Annual Message on the State of the Union. The United States was at war. But the president spoke not only of the struggle and of what Americans had to do to hasten victory over the Axis Powers. He also spoke of what Americans needed to do to win the peace to come. Reaffirming his administration’s commitment to the vision he had articulated in his 1941 Annual Message – the vision of the Four Freedoms:  Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, Freedom from fear – Roosevelt now called for an Economic Bill of Rights for all Americans.

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Americans need to hear more stories like this that are not being reported by the press!

America The NOT SO Beautiful

December 21, 2013

By Mike Caccioppoli

I just received the best Christmas present ever! On January 1st I will be covered under the ACA also known by the name right wingers gave it and the rest of us have run with, Obamacare. There has been so much negative press, most of it bullshit right wing media spin over the ACA. The Federal website has had some issues because so many people need health insurance that it crashed in early October and has been a bit slow at times. Of course this is the only angle that has been talked about because all of those multi-millionaire broadcasters don’t need it so they can revel in the political game of making Obama look bad. 

The real thing to talk about is the program itself and how it will help at least 50 million Americans finally get affordable or free health care. Nobody…

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Day 12 of House Republicans’ 12 Days of Congress

From the DCCC:

‘Tis the season to reflect on Congressional Republicans’ priorities in 2013, an agenda best described as an endless cornucopia of giveaways for the rich and best captured in song.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing a holiday anthem that sums up Republicans’ agenda — “12 Days of Congress” — and offering millions of supporters free downloads so they can add the tune to their holiday playlists. The song can also be downloaded as a ringtone and is available at:

In a quartet led by Bowzer from Sha Na Na, the song details 12 of the wrong-headed priorities that Republicans have doubled down on in this Congress.

“From bonuses for bigwigs to Big Oil subsidies, Republicans in Congress have stuffed some extra special goodies in the stockings of corporations and the ultra-wealthy this year, while giving the middle class a lump of coal,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The best holiday present the American people can give themselves next year will be getting rid of these Grinches.”

“12 Days of Congress” lyrics:

On the 12th day of Congress, Republicans gave the rich:

· Climate change denying
· Less pay for women
· Government shutdown
· Bonuses for bigwigs
· Evolution rejecting
· Pell Grants-a-cutting
· Health care repeals
· Transvaginal ultrasounds
· Jobs shipped overseas
· More tax breaks
· Medicare vouchers
· And a big oil subsidy…