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What does the fossil fuel industry get for all its campaign contributions? Subsidies. Our government provides at least $10 billion annually in tax breaks, giveaways, loans, price controls, and other ways to support the fossil fuel industry.

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EXPOSED: 19 Corporations Funding Heartland Institute | ThinkProgress

Many corporations have a vested interest in making sure environmental regulations stay weak and to influence legislation, will spend big money..

Internal documents acquired by ThinkProgress Green reveal that the climate-denial think tank Heartland Institute received funding from at least 19 publicly traded corporations in 2010 and 2011. The companies’ combined contributions exceeded $1.3 million for an array of projects. As Think Progress Green reported on Tuesday, the Heartland Institute’s projects included a secret plan to teach children that climate change is a hoax.

via EXPOSED: 19 Corporations Funding Heartland Institute | ThinkProgress.

Zero revenue for highways! Don’t believe them!

The Checks and Balances Project

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Update 2/15/12, 6:34 PM EST: Co-director Matt Garrington’s statement on the failure of the Polis amendment which would have struck Lamborn’s oil shale boondoggle from the highway bill: “We applaud Rep. Polis for recognizing the failure of H.R. 3408 and the fact that oil shale is not ready for prime time. Speaker Boehner and Rep. Lamborn should quit trying to sell the American public on their ‘0-0-0 plan.’ The truth is — there is zero energy, zero revenue, and zero jobs in oil shale.

Click the following links to watch Polis and Lamborn debate:
Polis 1
Polis 2
Lamborn 1
Lamborn 2

UPDATE: We’ve gotten word that Speaker Boehner is planning to group all three energy bills under the PIONEERS Act banner. He’s trying cover up the fact that oil shale creates zero…

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