Pundits frequently call on the president to call for policies he’s already proposed | TPM2012

Whatever happened to journalistic standards?

President Obama would have this election in the bag, according to a number of leading columnists, if only he would act more like President Obama.

A number of pundits are turning up the volume on demands that the White House offer a jobs plan based on new infrastructure spending, a long-term deficit plan that includes taxes and entitlement cuts and a market-based health care plan, among other requests. Obama will have a hard time taking their advice, however, given that he’s already proposed those very ideas.

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The Daily Banter » The Jobs Numbers and More Republican Sabotage

So why exactly isn’t the press talking about this?

The reality of the jobs report isn’t so much that we’re backsliding into another recession (we’re not), but that 1) we were almost entirely unprepared as a people for the depth of the “Great Recession,” 2) there are way too many people leaning on the panic button over the deficit and debt instead of robust spending on job creation, and 3) the corrosive nature of our news media (traditional and digital) and our party politics in this era has allowed the Republicans to sabotage the economy with impunity.

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