Think Air Quality Regulations Don’t Matter? Look at Pittsburgh in the 1940s! : TreeHugger

Don’t buy the right-wing spin – we have environmental regulations for a reason!

credit: Smoke Control Lantern Slide Collection, ca. 1940-1950, AIS.1978.22, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.

These days when we think of eye-watering, lung-blackening smog, we mostly picture Chinese cities. Things get so bad there that during the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, a significant fraction of the country’s power generation, industrial production, and transport sector had to be shut down just to allow athletes to breathe half-decent air and perform well.

But China’s not special, it’s just that they are industrializing later than others. The situation was similar in many areas of the United States not so long ago, as these photos from Pittsburgh in the 1940s show very clearly. They were taken right before “smoke control” laws took effect.

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The Top Five Anti-Environment Objectives of ALEC : TreeHugger

Our environment – and our health – depends on not allowing corporations to externalize the waste they create to increase their bottom-line…

The American Legislative Exchange Council has at least five “model bills” waiting in the wings to roll back environmental protections for the benefit of polluting industry. ALEC, as you’ll recall, is the conservative organization (or “stealth business lobbyist,” as the NY Times calls it) that allows corporations to have a direct hand in drafting legislation with state policymakers. That “model” legislation can then be passed onto other states, where it’s advocated by other ALEC members.

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