Mitt Romney accused of supporting Chinese sweatshop labor

Report from the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights: 

When he was the CEO of Bain Capital and the president of its affiliated corporations, investments in Global-Tech factories directly contributed to abominable labor practices, records show.

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Critics say lax visa rules for foreign workers allow abuse by… |

How much is this kind of thing affecting our jobs numbers?

The six college students from Thailand and Vietnam had paid thousands of dollars to participate in an internship program at an Orlando hotel and get hands-on experience in the hospitality business.

The State Department issued them J-1 visas, which are supposed to be used for “educational and cultural exchange.” Under the terms of the visa, the students would spend a year performing paid work in different departments of the hotel to learn the business.

But the students claim that there was no educational component to their experience, just fulltime work as housekeepers — sweeping floors and making beds. On top of that, in a lawsuit filed this year, they say the Wyndham Hotel in Orlando broke federal and Florida laws by not paying minimum wage for that work. The Wyndham denied the charges, arguing that exchange students are not covered by U.S. labor standards, and moved to have the case dismissed. But on May 7 a U.S. district court judge refused to do so.

The accusation is one of many that have emerged recently against employers who have allegedly misused guest worker and student exchange visas in order to find cheap labor overseas and avoid hiring U.S. workers.

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Well, It May Be Time To Face The Fact That We Need Labor Unions… – Business Insider

Even though the author of this article claims to have “always hated labor unions”…

…we’ve now developed a bigger problem in this country.

Namely, we’ve developed inequality so extreme that it is worse than any time since the late 1920s (just before the Great Depression).

Leaving aside fairness, what this inequality does is hurt the main purchasing-power engine of the US economy–the strong middle class.

(Although the 1% likes to think of itself as investing the capital and “creating the jobs” that employ the rest of the country, this is a consensual hallucination. Jobs in this economy only exist because there are customers who can afford to buy the products. And customers can’t buy products if they don’t have any money. See: Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction The Rich People Create Jobs)

So, for the sake of the economy, we have to fix this inequality problem.

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Ex-Walmart Greeter Jan Sullivan Loses Job, Home After Being Attacked By Customer

Another reason not to shop at Walmart…

Jan Sullivan, 73, of St. Augustine, Florida, is moving into a mobile home after being fired from her job as a greeter at Walmart over an altercation with a customer on Black Friday last year, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Sullivan was fired from the employer she called her “home” and “family” for 22 years, three days after she reportedly grabbed a customer’s sweater in response to the customer shoving her.

After sending out dozens of unsuccessful job applications, Sullivan has been forced to sell her home. Making matters worse, she’s not entitled to unemployment benefits either because she was fired for “misconduct.”

This is far from the only instance of dubious treatment by Walmart toward its employees. In fact, the world’s largest retailer faced the biggest class action lawsuit ever in the U.S. when 1.5 million female Walmart employees led by greeter Betty Dukes alleged sex discrimination by their employer. That case may have stalled after an unfavorable Supreme Court decision last year, but, in May, the Labor Department fined Walmart $4.8 million in back wages over unpaid overtime.

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