Video Links

Some video links

Post-2012 Election Video Links

Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale

IFG’s KOCHTOPUS: The Kochs’ Influence Network explained by Victor Menotti

Amor Lilman – Stop Da Violence (Official Music Video)

Pre-2012 Election Video Links

Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Wake the F**k Up’

I’m Voting Republican – A satirical look at the policy goals of the Republican party.

Mitt Romney: You Didn’t Build That — You Destroyed It

CarMax Co-Founder: I’d Hire Obama, Not Romney

Poll Taxes are Real | TWiB! 2.0

A tribute to Todd Akin by the Renagrade Raging Grannies 

A preview of next week’s feature by the Romney: The Do-Over

Some mysterious leaked Mitt Romney video…(which is now famous)

Mitt caught on hidden camera talking to his 1% donors, extoling the virtues of cheap Chinese labor

Mitt Romney “I wish we weren’t unionized”

More leaked Romney footage available at  Anne Onymous video page


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